Import & Export

Import and export transport industry ranges across a very wide spectrum. The right mode of transportation is highly essential for meeting the stringent deadlines and make the whole process streamlined and cost-efficient. The import and export solutions along with 40FT and 20FT trailers provided by PTS are designed to ease the process at a competitive price.

Over dimensional consignments (ODM)

Stay ahead of the competition with the ODC support by Polo Transport Solution. ODC transport plays a key role with regards to overall infrastructural developments. At PTS, we have a large number of vehicles to handle your heavy cargo hassles. Choose from 50FT, 60FT, 80FT vehicles and more.

Sea freight

  • One stop sea freight forwarding solutions.
  • FCL, LCL, and buyer’s consolidation.
  • Shipping anywhere around the world.
  • Sea, air, and surface transportation combined.
  • Flexibility of schedule.
  • Door to delivery.
Polo Transport Solution provides comprehensive, cost-effective and scalable sea-freight forwarding solutions for import and export of a wide variety of cargo with door-step delivery anywhere around the world. For multimodal transportation this services can be compounded with air freight and road transportation. We assure safe transportation of vast variety of commercial cargo, be it perishable or hazardous. We provide services for full container load, less than container load as well as buyer’s consolidation and assure flexibility of schedule, frequency and transit time at the most competitive cost. We keep you informed on the status of shipment until it is delivered at its final destination. You can also track the progress of your shipment through our website from anywhere.

HEavy Cargo Support

Heavy cargo transportation is also referred as superlative transportation. The pullers and hydraulic axles employed by PTS are capable of offering the perfect means of transportation for all your heavy cargo needs. Explore options for successful and combinable axle lines for all sophisticated shipments.

Air suspension vehicular support

Hire vehicles designed precisely for delivery process with quality engineering technology. More than 30 vehicles, including trailers, triple axles and low bed trailers that work aptly for long route transport with systems on-board for lowered and performance vehicles.

Closed body truck

Closed Body Trucks and Containers are used across several operations, including transportation, moving and packing etc. The 20FT and 32FT vehicles employed by PTS provide you a nationwide presence for your consignments. Low mileage and good prices are some the PTS USPs with regards to the closed body trucks.

Full truck load

Don’t settle for less than truck load. Make your money worth with Full Truck Load (FTL) with PTS. If you prefer to transport the goods in bulk, FTL solutions by PTS are aptly designed for you. The nature of the truck load cuts the overall transportation time and saves you valuable bucks. Choose your destination and the truck load options with ease.

Loading & unloading benifits

A streamlined process of loading and unloading can help the clients in many ways. Along with reducing the turnaround time at the existing doors, it also helps the clients to gauge their capacity in terms of loading. Streamlined loading and unloading process also help in eradicating the bottlenecks in the overall transportation process. PTS provides comprehensive loading and unloading solutions.

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